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Someone who wants to lead meaningful conversations about content they love.


Host Essentials

Personal Branding through Content Curation.

Add related content to your profile to complement the theme of your original IG infographics, sparking exploration and conversation.

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Refine Your Engagement Style & Influence With Confidence.

Moderate chats based on what you value in a conversation, whether it be anti-hate or anti-echo chamber. Discover your voice and cultivate a loyal community that comes back to be engaged by you.

Learn What's Really Going On With Your Audience.

Stop making blind inferences based on algorithm-dictated “likes.”  Receive an analytics report that provides a conversation summary, key analytics and participation engagement metrics.

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How It Works.

1. Add the URL of content you've created or enjoyed recently to your profile


2. Schedule a convo around a piece of content  & invite your audience (10 spots only).


3. Lead the conversation — chat, learn, and build deeper bonds with your audience.

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