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The Creators' Fund

Forget relying on sponsored content! Give your superfans another chance to support you, so you can focus on creating the content their conversations inspire.

How it Works

Creators can charge tickets for their conversations, and we receive a 10% commission. ​

*Remember, there are 9 spots, or tickets, available per chat.

Sample Tickets

Sometimes, it's tough to navigate pricing, so we’ve created some price points to help you out! Choose one of our options, or be a little spicy, and set your own! (We just require a $5 ticket minimum.)

Here some ways you can equate your ticket cost:

Caffeine on Me: $7.00 per ticket

Recommended for The Drop By and The Meetup

Photoshop on Me: $9.99 per ticket

Recommended for The Meetup and The Hangout

Wifi this Week on Me: $15.00 per ticket

Recommended for The Hangout and The Deep Dive

How should I use this feature?

As our 2019 selves would say, here's the tea...

There are multiple ways to use the paid ticketing feature. It is up to you to determine what makes the most sense for you, your brand, and your audience. But, as always, we have some examples to guide you!

Ask Me Anythings: Have a Q&A sessions with your fans and allow them to pick your brain!

Informal Workshops: Teach your fans something new or create something with them! 

Classic Prompt Convo: Go Off! about about one of our listed prompts or create one of your own!

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