Privacy Policy

We want to create an online space where you will feel safe and secure. That is why we are transparent with the information we will be collecting on on users. 

By participating in the Go Off beta...

You are allowing the Go Off team access to your comments, quotes, and discussions. 

For research purposes, we will be monitoring the following:

User quotes

Frequency of user activity

Frequency of user participation in online discussions

User media interactions on the Go Off domain

User interactions with other members

User following

If you choose to provide demographic information in the login process, this data will be stored securely and anonymously in our data base. The following demographic information that may be collected is as follows:

Age demographic

Gender identity

Race & ethnic background

Education & student status

Clubs & organization involvement

Additionally, user data and quotes may be used in the publishing of reports on generational trends. User data will be collected and viewed anonymously. 


The internet is a creepy place, we get that.  We also understand the anxiety of over-invasive data collection policies. If you have any concerns with these policies or would like to hear more about the ways Go Off will be using your data, please contact the Go Off team at!