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We know your time is valuable. That’s why we’re taking the time to explain why we’re worth it. Go Off is the first and only emerging social platform that hosts small live-chat discussions that are moderated to encourage meaningful debate and discussions.

"Meaningful Connections start with Authentic Conversation."

What is a 


A Go-host account is great for the person who wants to take the reins and start their own Go-convo.


Our Hosts vocalize their thoughts online and are leaders within their own social circles. They are great listeners, but not afraid to challenge the opinions of others. 

For You

What's in it

  • You’re invited to our beta launch. Be on the ground floor and have the chance to shape the platform. We only have 20 host slots available for the launch. Sign up now on our list and be a part of the room where it happens.

  • A smaller audience= a bigger impact. Don’t talk at your audience but to. At Go Off there’s always someone listening and responding in turn. At Go Off you can create that personal connection and have a huge impact on your audience.



Get ahead of the curve. Find out what excites your audience and be a part of that conversation. Gain instant insights and feedback. At the end of the discussion we’ll send you the data that will help you continue to create quality content.

  • Ethically designed by and for people like you. 

  • →No Formulated Algorithms 

  • →Save+Share Media in One Convenient Place

  • →Transparent Data Collection

  •     ⇨Sentiment Analysis

  •     ⇨User Participation Rates

  •     ⇨Keywords


Let's Do This!

We know you’re already doing the most. Hosts are only required to host a minimum of 2 conversations each month. Can you space an hour or 2? You’re already thinking about these topics and share the content; put actions to your thoughts and host a conversation.




Help us further our mission to create a platform where people can interact in healthy, meaningful ways. 


Help us talk about the stuff that matters to you. 


Help us develop the online community of the next generation. 


We can do it, but only with your help.


You in? 

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Right now, we are looking for people to help us make the Go Off mission a reality. Please fill out this form so we can determine if you would be a good fit! 

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