Creating a

Safe Space

We want to create an online space where you will feel inspired to share your views and speak your mind on the issues that matter to you. Join us in our mission to create a community where our users aren’t afraid to Go Off. 

Be respectful. The Go Off community encourages freedom of expression. We want to foster a diverse community, in identity and in thought. We encourage you to share your beliefs. However, hate speech will not be tolerated. Our definition of hate speech includes any form of communication that uses derogatory or discriminatory language directed at an individual or group based on their race, sex, gender identity, religion, ethnicity, or nationality. Comments flagged as hate speech will be removed. Any user who engages in hate speech can be banned by our moderators. 


Be authentic. We encourage you to use your real name when creating an account. Please refrain from sending spam. We want you to have meaningful and engaging conversations. Refrain from spreading false information. Access to accurate information is an essential need and we work diligently to fact check the content that is published on our platform. 


Don’t hold back. Go Off is designed to bring people together who want to discuss certain topics. If you want to start a conversation, chances are another user wants to join in. If there are no active conversations on the media you are viewing, take the initiative and begin a conversation! Go Off! 


Break the Rules, but Follow the Law. We encourage you to test the boundaries of online conversations. We all need to break the rules sometimes, but there are some rules that cannot be broken. Illegal activity of any sort will result in negative consequences. 

Go Off has a zero tolerance policy for the following:

  • Death threats

  • Stalking & sexual harassment

  • Threats to post intimate photos of others 

  • Posts that glorify self-harm

  • Child-pornographic content 

  • Terrorist organizations

  • Buying/selling/distributing of narcotics


Other No-Gos

  • Posting of copyrighted/trademarked material

  • Spam 

  • Bullying & harassment

  • Blackmail

  • Overly graphic content 

  • Pornographic content