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Host small, engaging conversations around content you create and consume.

Someone who wants to lead meaningful conversations about content they love.


Who Can Be a Host?

Creating bonds through similar content interests.

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Written Content: News, Newsletters, Blogs, Books
Converse directly with your readers and discover their perspectives. Elevate the quality of your work while building your personal brand, network, and credibility. There’s no better place to be than at the source.

Audio Content: Podcasts & Music
The conversation doesn’t have to stop when the episode does. Extend the connection by providing a continuous experience unique to your podcast. Ignite conversations through shared content and discover what your audience thinks. It’s time to listen.

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Social Media Content: Instagram, Tiktok, Twitch, Twitter
Pushing “post” is just the beginning. Connect with those who care about you on a one-to-one basis through conversations that start with a topic of shared interest. Showcase your values, amplify voices, and amass influence that matters.

Video Content: YouTube, Livestreams, Film & TV 
When the video goes live, the engagement begins. Escape your comment section and enjoy natural interactions that you can cope with. Get to know those who support your creativity in an inclusive and constructive environment.

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How It Works.

1. Add the URL of content you've created or enjoyed recently to your profile


2. Schedule a convo around a piece of content  & invite your audience (10 spots only).


3. Lead the conversation — chat, learn, and build deeper bonds with your audience.

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