with Passion

We are a group of college students that have a passion to change

the standards of current social media.



To create a trustworthy, transparent, and authentic platform that builds community.



Be honest with us, do you feel heard on social media? We don’t. 

As Gen-Zers we have experienced user dissatisfaction with current social platforms, so we wanted to create our own. Current users don’t feel heard and rely on confusing algorithms to spread their messages.


Go Off provides users with a centralized place to have meaningful conversations that are based on superficiality. And the cherry on top? We protect your privacy and data every step of the way. 



We strive to remain transparent in our data collection policies.


We strive to create an environment where users can engage in authentic online conversations.


We strive to create a place where users can develop their own communities and make global connections with people who share niche interests. 


We strive to listen to the wants and needs of our users, and to integrate these wants and needs into our platform to build a relationship of trust with our users. 




Echo Chambers

We strive among our team, clients, and Go Off users are of the utmost importance and will help us all find common ground in our conversations

Data Collection

At Go Off we want to set a new standard for a safe, secure, and informative process of our data collection and privacy policies. Just like most internet or social media users, we as a team are tired of companies not being forthcoming about the data they collect. We strive to find a solution to improve the process of conveying privacy literacy to our users so they trust and feel safe about our practices. We are a platform built on trust and transparency. 

With Substance

We promote an environment where you can connect with a variety of users and at the same time be able to find people that care about similar topics as you. By eliminating superficial reactions such as  “likes” or “hearts”, our platform encourages users to engage in substantive conversation, allowing them to articulate their opinions and listen to others.